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CF-687+M-868 intraoral camera
CF-687+M-868 intraoral camera
M-868 intraoral camera
1.1 / 4 SONY CCD high-resolution camera and ports 8-inch LCD screen machine
2.8 -inch LCD screen can freely adjust the color , brightness, contrast
3 dental chair can replace traditional LCD screen
4 45 degree angle can be adjusted freely position
5 High -resolution , high- low-light , high-sensitivity , high -quality, auto-focus function
6 built-in 6 white LED high brightness and long life
7 Five buttons on the handle and the back of the direct control of all functions of the two buttons freeze , store, Previous , Next , delete pictures
8 newly created one, four, nine split screen images, and there are two camera angles , the screen displays are sharp.
9 optional 2.5 -inch small LCD screen is more conducive to the doctor pictures
10 The machine can store 9999 pictures by U-disk
11. WIFI, Video, USB2.0 and VGA output function
12. Can be fixed by the REC button on the remote control video , you can save the movie based on U -disk capacity , with no loss of picture .
13 can automatically switch between PAL and NTSC-system
14 Optional WI-FI stick ( optional items ) achieved screen phones, tablet computers, mainframe computers synchronous transmission and preservation
15. Optional M-22 monitor bracket to the dental chair.


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