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M-68 Multifunction LED Teeth Light
M-68 Multifunction LED Teeth Light

Model: M-68

1. This machine with 8 inch LCD, Teeth whitening and intra-oral camera 3 in 1 multifunctional teeth whitening at an organic whole

2. Consisting of 3 different kinds of LEDs as light source achieves broad band wavelength output: 2pcs blue light (430~490nw/c㎡ ) and 5pcs red light (610~650nw/c㎡ ), Products add 8pcs violet light (UV light has function of the sterilization)

3. Activate almost all whitening materials in the market

4. With infrared remote control function
5. Adjustable light energy output for sensitive-teeth patients

6. three kinds of different light source mode: blue light exposure only、blue+red light exposure 、red light exposure.

7. Ergonomic full arc head with timer display, Patient can simply know how much whitening time rem

8. High light-energy output: over 2327mW

9. Can automatically select voltage: 110-240V, 50/60HZ, can be used all over the world.

10. Intra-oral camera can assist dentists or beautician help clients with the contrast before and after whitening

11. The camera support Wi-Fi output, through Wi-Fi stick to synchronization transmit the image to mobile phones, tablet computer and host computer ,permanent save images and videos, attached to the APP



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